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    Người gửi: Nguyễn Đường Hoàng (trang riêng)
    Ngày gửi: 20h:21' 31-08-2016
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    LECTURE NOTES Hien: Dear organizers, Jury Tran Thi Thu Hien em graders Agriculture 9A Lower Secondary School. Hieu: Dinh Duy Hieu`s brother graders Agriculture 9A Lower Secondary School. Hien: Through TV books I saw many fires occur most (according to the Police Department Fire and Rescue Rescue - The Ministry of Public Security, the first 9 months of 2015, the country had occurred 2,300 killed and 267 people were injured. Property damage was estimated at nearly 1,000 billion) Fire damage to property and human lives, consequences and burden for families and society. Fire control systems of several family offices, factories or plants no misbehaving. When fire occurs fighting forces should have time to reach the scene, fighting force concentrated in the big cities. The ability to react and qualifications of Vietnam fighting still inferior to many countries in the region and around the world. So why do not we design buildings capable of supporting firefighting. Hieu: Living develop more energy consumption. In recent years, our country`s grid system always operates at full capacity, overloading. So why do we not use these clean energy sources, energy permanent alternative to electrical energy. Under the guidelines, sponsored by teacher Nguyen Hoang so we put ideas together to support fire fighting and save energy in a home. Hien: The advantage of scraps that assist firefighting support, help save energy - The problem in the world and Vietnam no research projects. Support fighting for home: We have mixed ash and sand, who are suitable to be mixed for use as wall and ceiling. After many experiments we see a ratio of 2 parts sand and 3 parts ash is suitable: For reduced weight composite, reduces dust. Wall or ceiling designed 3 layers: The outer layer and inner layer can use all kinds of materials: Sun, wood, aluminum plate .. ask this material thin section withstand the influence of weather and the environment. In the middle layer of ash + sand mixture fighting. When fire occurs in the mantle or outer mantle burned, mixed flow buffeted support fire fighting makes it easier Here is the video test the support of the house fighting: Opens video Hieu: The energy savings: Half a beer cans put back up both rain and sun, and especially the nature reflective concave mirror to converge at one point making up and the hot water pipe hot water production from solar energy. Here is the video test hot water production process: Opens video Hien: These smart homes around the world and in Vietnam is characterized by: Using adobe brick, energy-saving glass, wall insulation, make the most of the light, natural ventilation systems and an array of green space for works, equipped with technological equipment controlled by buttons, smartphone, with advanced entertainment systems, security systems. But if you are adding features such research we were able to support fire fighting and save energy, the perfect smart home will add a lot. - Mixed Fire ash and sand put on the walls and ceilings will reduce the use of cement, bricks and tiles. But when the production of cement, bricks, tiles will cause environmental pollution, energy consumption. If using a mixture also reduce wood use will therefore contribute to the protection of forests. Thus the medium is capable of supporting firefighting and contribute environmental protection. - In addition to aid for fire-fighting help simply by gravity to cover flames when fire occurs can unload right wall to get mixed up fighting. Especially those in remote areas, where fighting force inaccessible. - Mixture Fire without clumping, shrinkage, expansion, resistant to all effects of the weather, keep the temperature stable homes warm winter, cool summer. - Mixed fighting antimicrobial features (because ash has antibacterial properties). It is possible to mix into the mixture of aromatics, Repellents add features to the house. Hiếu:
    - Production of hot water from solar energy will reduce the demand for electricity. So will ensure national energy security, ensuring sustainable development. - Electricity from thermal power, nuclear power, more or less environmentally polluting. reducing electricity use increased use of solar energy God`s shalom clean environmental contribution, reduced electricity costs. - Make use of scrap cans help limit waste causing environmental pollution, are cheaper, can be applied in all regions in Vietnam and especially in rural areas economic undeveloped regions no electricity contribute to developing people`s lives to create social justice. - Use hot water for cooking, living, will reduce the amount of gas and electricity for cooking, thus saving fossil fuels. That the fossil fuels, oil, coal mining should use reasonable and non-renewable resources, so this is an advantage, effects, major benefits of the problem we study. Hien: Presentation of us here is the end, we would like to thank the organizers, the jury was listening.

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